Crypto Advisors

Obolus Crypto Index

A market capital weighted index of cryptocurrencies
consisting of 15 digital assets with a cap of 15%.


Obolus Crypto Index is normalised to 100 on 1 Jan 2016. Real-time value on this website is an approximate value of the Obolus Crypto Index.

About Obolus

Obolus Crypto Advisor LLC was founded in 2018 by two experts from the fund industry and three scientists who followed their call to the financial industry and their interest in blockchain technology. This ultimate fusion gives Obolus the ability to be active as a blockchain research company and a fund advisory company.

We are strong believers that the blockchain technology will transform the financial industry as we know it, and bring fast and low cost transactions to the society. Obolus is an ancient Greek coin from a time when Plato thought about tokenising the world. Our mission is to fulfill this two-thousand-year-old dream.

"Then again, within the city, how will they exchange their production? [...]
Clearly they will buy and sell.
Then they will need a marketplace, and a money-token for purposes of exchange."

- Plato, The Republic, Book II (380BC)