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DEX Technology

Leverage technology "Powered by Obolus" to create decentralised crypto trading systems. Absolutely safe and fast and comfortable as any centralised market. We are proud to power the Switcheo Exchange.

Capital Markets on Blockchain

We are creating an ecosystem for stock/FX/commodity trading using blockchain technology. Exclusive feature: decentralised fund structures. Easy to create for managers and easy to track and invest for everybody else.

Market Analytics

Everything Obolus does is data-driven. Checkout our customer loyalty system built on the blockchain which empowers small and medium-sized enterprises with market analytics.

Meet the Founders

We are experts in the blockchain and fintech industry. Our team has been working in this space for more than 40 years combined.

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Former board at SBI. Algorithmic trading. Cryptography. PhD in Computer Science.

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Astroparticle physicist now doing research in financial and crypto world. Former chief quant at SBI.

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Chief Scientist

Crypto and equities trading strategist. High-frequency algorithms in Southeast-Asian markets. PhD in Mathematics.

About Obolus

Obolus is a research and development company active in the finance, and blockchain sectors. The core Obolus team are former scientists with PhDs in mathematics, physics, and computer science. The team met while working for a securities broker in Japan, where for two years they ran the algorithm trading desk for capital. Most recently the team established the trading desk of a SBI’s centralized cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. Since November last year, Obolus started developing their own decentralized exchange technology using the paradigms of the financial systems. A robust settlement layer is fundamental in establishing a mature cryptomarket, and a decentralized exchange is the first step towards the decentralization of the wider financial ecosystem.

We are strong believers that the blockchain technology will transform the financial industry as we know it, and bring fast and low cost transactions to the society. Obolus is an ancient Greek coin from a time when Plato thought about tokenising the world. Our mission is to fulfill this two-thousand-year-old dream.

"Then again, within the city, how will they exchange their production? [...]
Clearly they will buy and sell.
Then they will need a marketplace, and a money-token for purposes of exchange."

- Plato, The Republic, Book II (380BC)